her love is a lover who shines a light on my freedom,My love, see that the angel is chained in my heart,

Tell me what would that angel do if we were imprisoned on your lover’s lips.

your love is my only star which star is as strong as you,don’t be afraid, enlighten me from the inside

oh my dreams i fell in love with you in those dreams but not knowing who you are

My angel is like a very gentle flower, I must be sincere to touch my angel

the sun of love turned my life upside down in my dream it made me forget what world I was in

Your love born in this world suffers in other worlds,No, it’s not a mirage, I’m in love with a real angel, it takes courage to understand my love

lust in our love is tasting that we are one soul together,All women would sell their lives just to see my love once

The lips of my love are an eternal fountain that gives life,Unlived love is visible on her face

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