At a glance, my dear, who scattered my pearls, if I cry in the fire now, neither the rain will extinguish me, nor the seas, my dear.

Sometimes my heart is a hot desert, but in that desert I opened the tent of love to you my dear

My soul will be a shield even in hell, my soul will prostrate to you, my soul will not say that there is no creator with love.

my love born from the pain of my dreams, my love that overshadows all fragrances with its soul

As all flavors pass, her love is endlessly sweet dear,all the looks were forgetful looks our eternal love

No, there is a curtain in the eyes, when there is love, it gets up, my love.

Let the sun of my soul lower the curtain on the eyes, let the hearts see each other.

never mind, let’s get on our love ship, the universe is too big my love