The source of my joy is the only soul with a life of its own beauty.

I wish I could dance beautifully in the form of thousands of people on the stage of the heart.

My life, if I enter the process of endless dreams,let me be a dream within a dream my dear

I intend to burn you, I have come to take off the robe of my heart.

My dear, this sacred fire is fire, the body must be in the furnace of the soul.

my body will play all the love songs best,let dance with emotions bless our souls

our souls cannot unite unless we are bare dear,This is the pool of the heart, my dear, you cannot enter the pool of the heart with the body.

A world where every dream comes true dear,I am the one who came towards you with love in the arms of the seas dancing with flowers in the forest

I am the one in the angel, the fairy, the human,our true existence is a great story my dear