The mirror of my beauty, my dear, this is the sun of the lonely road I walk, my dear, it is the food of my heart, my dear

My secret angel who translates immortality,Can’t be plucked from the heart, my love flower, my dear.

I am speechless, this heart of mine speaks mute, my angel that I smell from afar when your scent is more beautiful than all flowers

I’m in love, no beauty can satisfy my inner angel,I learned to love melodies of mercy in your lap, on your face I wandered to heaven

No, I have witnessed that the image of love is the image of God, my angel,I’m a prisoner for his love,I’m a prisoner for his love.

when we reach love love will set us free,It overshadowed the scent of all the beautiful flowers, the scent of which the mind forgets, but the heart does not, my beautiful angel