Every soul’s paradise is separate, my love, it’s lightning, my soul is hungry to get wet, my dear

Let’s make our love wine from feelings in this paradise, one glass is enough for both of us my dear

eyes, my heart, my sun, words are the bird of paradise, when the bird sings on the tree of the heart, o de

I’m in the thirsty desert of love, let me drink water from your lips my dear

My dear darling, I sold my body to my lover for love, our soul was superior to our body.

May thousands of bodies be sacrificed for that beautiful sweet love of your lover

love is the messenger of love, when you have mercy on this love ambassador, heaven will appeal to the hearts, my love

it is the mirror of my heart, it is the memory of my messiah, it is the mystical scent of the oldest churches, my soul is adorned with beautiful feelings at every moment.