read the book of the love fairy,🌷🌷🌷💖💖💝

  • The key to your heart was this fairy’s face

    Seeing from afar, my face was the key to his heart, his heart opens with a silent glance,💚

    My body was the bridge of your heart, my angel cannot reach without touching the fruits of heaven,💖

    bring your soul, look at the love room of the dear fairy, what is heaven,don’t forget the goblet of god with which we will drink wine,💛

    my legs were the pillars of your heart, we build our love nest on it,must breathe your soul on my lips dear,💞💞💞

  • is superior to all temples, the temple of love

    The one who loves me in the garden of love, I don’t change while waiting, to the church, to the mosque, to the synagogue,💛

    While the kiss of the lover is more instructive than any preacher, don’t make the lover wait,💚

    When God wrote the book of love, what book can be compared to the living life?💖

    The lover knocks on the door of your heart with touches, this is how the heart understands each other,💖💖💖💖💖

  • kill the emotions

    when you love feelings they live,eyes kill emotions,,The lover is loved as long as he lives, the one who knows his killer does not love,💛

    the more you caress, the bigger these feelings inside me, when the heart realizes this, it understands love,💛

    when combined, bodies unconsciously feed the feelings of the heart,💛Our heart is not satisfied until we are satisfied,💖

    When lovers love each other, the bed doesn’t matter, our hearts are ready for all conditions.,🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

  • women dancing in heaven

    the feeling of heaven in your heart is my passionate dance,Don’t hearts fall in love with this fairy dancing in the dress of heaven?💖

    When the fairy bites her lips she bites her heart,💞Does this fairy ever leave the love scene before our bed is decorated?💖

    if our sun moon notices the fairy dance it will freeze in place,I am the voice of love, my body was the gate of heaven, just learn to walk, come to the perineum,💖

    The fairy who carried t breath of god on her liphe kiss of god had the,with a kiss the soul can taste the love of god my dear,💞💞💞💞

  • lovers were the gates of heaven

    the most beautiful shadow of heaven was her beautiful graceful body,What river of heaven is as beautiful as the love that flows from our hearts?💫💫

    In the search for heaven, life taught that love is heaven.,God created beauty with love so that love appears in beauty.💛

    Love is invisible without a beauty mirror, is love ever visible in ugly?beauty was the smokeless fire that ignites love only lovers learn to burn,💫💫

    Before the lover, the heart walks to the lover, this was our unchangeable law.💫lovers were those who managed to listen to their hearts,💛💛💛

  • Do you know that the sweet fairy is lost in herself?

    The arrow in the bow of love was for me, I was shot, escape with the arrow of love was not possible at all,💘

    my soul was more adventurous than my soul tasted the heartache as my angel was shot i was left alone with love,💘

    that sweet fun fairy is lost in me, tell me how to tell who,Now the fairy that captivates your heart in the naked love scene is lost inside me, tell me how can I find it,💘

    If only this heart knew how hopeful you were walking as it followed you in the silent fog of love, dear,💖💖🌼

  • the creator cooks us in hell to heaven

    When I burned in your eyes, my heart’s cry of joy was the voice of my heaven,heaven was dear,💘

    My heaven was the lover I was waiting for to be placed in my heart,When my body started to burn, it was the pool of my paradise, dea,💘

    my feelings won’t stop fluttering lovebirds if they don’t release their longing will not stop dear paradise,💘

    Being loved is the mysterious light of souls wandering in the dark, until the heart touches the heart, it cannot reach the light,💖💖💖

  • The heart cannot wake up unless the heart is united with the heart.

    How can this fairy of love forget when my soul loves you with my heart in dreams?naked bodies were like winter without love my spring,

    We became one soul with the same love, how will our souls separate now?the light cannot be separated from the light, my angel,💖

    Will our hearts be left behind, whoever loves this can’t bear it,The lover should carry the cloud of heaven to the heart of her beloved,💞

    If love is put in beauty, wouldn’t beauty be loved?lips that gave life to love were the mercy of god,,,,💞💞💞💞

  • En el portal de mis sueños


    Pétalos de Terciopelo

    En el portal de mis sueños danzan mariposas al son de mi palpitar, también hay un remolino de pétalos de terciopelo que albergan en el jardín de mi alma, la brisa juega un rol importante, porque en ella también viajan enjambres de libélulas y luciérnagas para embellecer mi derredor… Nada es frustrante en aquella dimensión donde se puede alcanzar todo objetivo con la fantasía del corazón.

    Tan solo en el portal se puede hallar que el tiempo no pasa… Siempre tenemos la misma edad, se escucha algarabía y se siente plenitud de felicidad, desear algo con frenesí es placentero y el ímpetu es bueno porque realza una canción de amor… El soñador es el protagonista o sencillamente el espectador, todo juega de acuerdo… ¿Cuál sería el sueño de hoy?.

    Podría soñar con mi primogénito siendo mi niño campeón, verlo estudiar era mi regocijo y hasta ahora brilla a través de…

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  • lover must find her love in her scent

    In the garden of my heart, my flower of love was hiding heaven in its scent,Our hearts should touch, not our hands touching flowers.🌼

    the smell of love was the wine of lovers,this heart fairy was the insatiable fountain of love,🌼

    lovers love when they get used to each other’s smell,It was the scent of love floating in the clear air that seduced me,🌼

    the smell of heaven infects lovers who go to heaven,Our souls want to be loved as much as we love, lovers do not forget her.🌼🌼🌼

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